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The course Machine Design Process (MDP) is offered instead of System Engineering Design I (SED I).


The Lecture "Machine Design Process" taught the basic knowledge of technical drawing and system engineering design. The first part covers the basics of machine elements and technical drawing. The second part covers fundamentals concerning development and embodiment design of new technical products. The topics discussed in the lectures are elaborated in the tutorials. The lecture "Machine Design Process" covers the topics:

Part 1: Machine elements & technical drawing

  1. Drawing standards
  2. Joints: Bolted connections, shaft-hub joints, welding
  3. Tolerances
  4. Bearing of shafts
  5. Power transmission

Part 2: Design methodology

  1. Requirements list
  2. Conceptual Design
  3. Evaluation and selection of solutions
  4. Design Rules

Schedule / Course materials

The schedules for this course can be found in CAMPUS. Downloads are available in the L²P room.


The dates of the examinations can be found on CAMPUS. Detailed schedules and information on the rooms etc. will be published over the L²P room days ahead of the actual exam.

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